Natural Ways to Get Rid of Insect Pests in the Home or Garden
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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Insect Pests in the Home or Garden


In our homes, and in our gardens, there are many pests. In the past people simply picked up an insecticide and sprayed. Today we know that this is bad for our environment and even bad for the food we ate (when used on crops, fruits, and vegetables) and smart consumers are looking for more natural ways to control pests.

Home owners have learned that simple tricks, such as planting mint to repel ants, can be both natural and effective against pests. As such environmentally concerned people, as well as those who are health conscious, are always looking for organic solutions to common problems.

While some gardeners and home owners have taken to making their own natural home remedies in the blender, others prefer to buy ready made products. One company that makes organic pest control solutions is Safer Brand.

Flies and mosquitoes are a big concern for many home owners who worry about them spreading disease. While there are many sprays on the market that do kill flies and mosquitoes, and are claimed to be safe, many people do not trust the chemical sprays and are looking for natural solutions. Safer Brand has a product that kills flies, and other flying insects, on contact. They have a similar produce for wasps and hornets. Their Poison Free product works by clogging the breathing holes of the insects, killing them quickly.

Note that when using even these organic spray products in the house pets and children should be removed from the room. Fish and birds may be particularly sensitive to the ingredients in the products even though they are natural. Contact with skin and clothing should also be avoided.

Safer Brand also has several products for dealing with caterpillars. This includes sprays that contain other organisms which, when consumed by the caterpillars, contribute to the death of the caterpillars themselves.

Normal moth balls are very dangerous if eaten by children (they look like candy) and are not at all environmentally friendly. Safer Brand has a moth trap that uses natural pheromones to trap moths and protect your clothing.

Fleas are a huge problem for pet owners, not only are the flea bites annoying but fleas can spread tapeworm. Safer Brand has non toxic flea traps that will draw fleas out of their hiding places within your home. These traps are safe to use around kids and pets as they use heat to attract the fleas.

Safer Brand also sells diatomaceous earth to control ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and other pests.

Other Tips to Control House Garden Pests

Attract birds to your yard. Birds eat many insect pests, even wasps. Some people even keep pet chickens, ducks, or guinea fowl, to eat garden pests and ticks.

Do not allow for standing water as this is a place where mosquitoes will lay their eggs. If you do have a pond keep some fish to eat the mosquito larvae.

To keep insects out of your home have screens installed on the windows so when you leave your windows open the screens keep the insects out.

Plant mint, ants and many other insect pests dislike it. Marigolds are also known to repel mosquitoes.

Get a bat house to welcome bats to your yard, they love eating mosquitoes.

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Having garden is a great task to fulfill. If you are the sort of person who loves to have a garden, you should get started today, even if it means getting a personal loan to pay somebody else to do it. Anything you get this year will be based on the preparing and preparation you do right now to get your garden and trees ready. Just a little bit of work now will lead to good things later.

Yes, that is  a good tips for me and for all the gardener get to look after garden by ourself. thaks for Tips to Control House Garden Pests. i gladly to get this tips and follow your tips.

Yes, that is  a good tips for me and for all the gardener to look after garden by ourself. thaks for The Best Tips to Control House Garden Pests. i gladly to get this tips and follow your tips.

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